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LibreOffice Viewer For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Microsoft office is perhaps the most common software that is used by people for the business purpose and also for personal use. But, there are a lot of cost effective systems that are similar to MS office.

LibreOffice Viewer is one of these systems, which was released in the year 2011, and is still being improved to remove the bugs. This software has been created by Collabora, which is well known for supporting open-source community schemes like Gstreamer and also Telepathy.

The introduction of LibreOffice viewer is observed as a chief target for the whole project which has taken some indications from LibreOffice.

The Features That LibreOffice Offers:

LibreOffice for PC presents a lot of features, which are quiet similar or parallel to that of the windows. A few of the apps, which the LibreOffice viewer can provide comprises a word processor, which has the functionality quiet comparable to that of MS word; this allows the users some crucial text editing together with some other typical roles.

The other application is Calc, and it helps in making spreadsheets and also editing them. This program moreover enables its user to generate charts as well as graphs. Another one is the Impress; it helps in creating the power point presentations, which can be seen on any PC consisting of Adobe Flash player.

It even allows the users to move the presentations in SWF files. Again, the Draw program is also just like Microsoft Visio, which assists in carrying out the applications of math with the help of mathematical rules. The last program is named as Base, which functions as Microsoft Access, enabling one to make and handle the databases as well as generate forms or reports.

Various Advantages For Using LibreOffice Viewer In PC:

Here are some facilities of the LibreOffice Viewer for PC:

  • Though LibreOffice Viewer is completely a free application, it provides nearly the same features that are found in other paid apps.
  • User interface of this system appears to be quite same as that of the Windows. Even most of the applications, which are found with this LibreOffice Viewer are also quiet parallel to that of Windows. Therefore, it will be simple to create the transition.
  • Another advantage is the compatibility. The files, which are created by means of LibreOffice Viewer, are even well-matched with some other office apps including Microsoft office. Files can be saved in a number of formats.
  • There are various ways that helps users to utilize this LibreOffice Viewer in the computer. To use the app LibreOffice Viewer on any PC, some steps are listed here-
    • The first and foremost task is to download Bluestacks, as this is the simplest and the most reliable Android emulator. As a best emulator, this will give users the capacity to operate the .apk apps on any PC easily.
    • Installation process of the emulator is easy and fast. Users just need to go on pressing the tab- next.
    • Browse for LibreOffice Viewer that will be downloaded directly.
    • Then, view the instructions on the screen for installing the software.